Monday, February 29, 2016

What Fuller House Is Missing

Back in September I attended a live studio taping of episode 6 of Fuller House, during the taping I noticed one thing I thought was off. But first let me say that Full House was EVERYTHING in my household. We had every single episode on VHS tapes and my siblings and I would re watch them year after year. Today, I still have all those old VHS tapes, as well as every single season on DVD. Why I believe Full House was such a success, is because there was a spark between the grown men, and the kids. You could tell how much those 3 men loved and were obsessed with those girls. It showed on TV how much they truly loved them. By watching any episode of Full House you can see in so many scenes just by the way they look at them, the tears in their eyes in certain episodes, genuine smiles, laughter, etc. Danny Tanner, in my opinion, was the best sitcom Dad. Even though Bob Saget is a cray cray perv in real life, you could never tell by watching Full House. Thinking back to how he talked to his TV daughters, his character was SOOOO freakin believable, from saying to Michelle, "isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen!" when putting a hat on her head, or to reprimanding, middle naming, emotional scenes, making sure they learned valuable lessons, he was SO believable as a Dad who was obsessed with his kids, and put his kids first. Full House didn't do well for fun, it did well because of the spark between the men & the kids. You really believed that they were a real family. I mean, Uncle Jesse's tears rolling down his face when he said good bye to Michelle, when he was moving out after his wedding?! COME ON! The jokes between Joey and the girls? Danny Tanner's non stop hugging. It was on point.

My problem is Candace Cameron's portrayal of DJ as a Mom. When I watched episode 6 taped live, I thought oh my gosh, this is amazing. So funny. But I kept thinking DJ seems dead as a Mom. She sounded like she was just reading her lines to these kids. There was no visible effort that she was trying to make herself as believable as Danny Tanner was as a parent. I kept thinking...what the heck Candace is a Mom in real life, how is she not acting like a parent who is head over heels for her kids?? The smile on her face was so blah, her voice had no oomph towards them, it was so odd. But I thought, eh maybe it's just this episode, I'm sure when the series comes out there will be so many emotional, cute, sweet scenes of her and the boys. I figured there would be plenty of scenes of DJ as a Mom comforting her 3 children who recently lost their father. Especially seeing as how DJ Tanner's mother passed away when she a kid.

Then Fuller House comes out. Watches episode 1 - kinda shows love to the kids. Episode 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. NADA. I am so confused by the writing of DJ as a Mom? I ESPECIALLY noticed it when Bob Saget made an appearance in one of the later episodes, and here 20+ years later, he nails it as a loving, caring father. SMH. Currently I'm on episode 11, and still have two more to watch. I'm hoping DJ saves the day and pulls off a Danny Tanner worthy performance that can resurrect the original magic of Full House. But damn, girl, what the hell? If you go back and watch, she's always "Free tonight", emotionless when she talks to the 3 boys, when Aunt Becky was holding baby Tommy in an episode Becky was baby talking him, fawning over him, kissing him, squeezing him against her cheek, JUST LIKE JESSE, DANNY & JOEY DID WITH THE GIRLS ON FULL HOUSE. Where is that from DJ? As I watched that scene of Becky changing Tommy's outfits, and saying "OMG look!" to DJ, and DJ stands there with a eh look on her face. I was like damn! Hello? That's your 9 month old baby, DJ! What the heck? Once I pointed it out to my husband, he too even noticed that in past episodes it was as though she wasn't connecting with the kids. And after pointing it out, as episodes went on, we both would look at each other and be like "WHAT THE HECK, DJ!!!" I'm not saying DJ needs to be Danny Tanner, but if the thing they're trying to do with Fuller House is recreate the feels that Full House had, YA GOTTA AT LEAST MAKE THE ADULTS LOVE THE KIDS. HELLLLLLOOOO????

So, Candace Cameron, PLEASE make a little effort. If Bob Saget and John Stamos hadn't and had just read their lines to y'all, there would be no Fuller House. Act like you love your kids more than yourself. Yes, this show is definitely geared towards the fans who grew up with Full House, however that doesn't mean all we wanna see is wine & girls nights out. I wanna see Stephanie, DJ & Kimmy do what Jesse, Danny & Joey did to make everyone fall in love with Full House in the first place. Fuller House is 99% on point. Obsessed. I'm just waiting on you, DJ.

Gibbler, you nailed that shit, tho.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Why do people care sooooooooo much about how others spell, online?
Oh my gosh, I could go on for days about how this drives me nuts. There's this thing called AUTO CORRECT, it turns people who know how to spell in to 2nd graders. I have TONS of friends who repeatedly have to point out how much it frustrates them when someone misspells a simple word on their caption, or status? WHO CARES? If I see a word spelled wrong, i might think, "Oh hey look, they typed 'their' instead of 'there'", but I do not feel the need to correct them, or ridicule them by posting a grammatically PERFECT status, letting them know that "Proper spelling is attractive, guys!" Yeah, so is being in shape. But no one is saying that when someone who weighs 300 pounds, posts a belly shirt picture, am i right? Shakin my head! Is Facebook 9th grade English class? Are we getting graded by Mrs. Smith, and being handed report cards at the end of the semester? If so, let me know, cause parents pay for A's, y'all.

Why do people live a make believe life online?
I don't think posting photos of your spouse proclaiming how magical things between you are, when you're actually miserable is an indication of being positive and trying to get through a rough patch. Years ago I was miserable with an ex and am guilty of doing just this, however when the relationship ended and I wanted support, and for everyone to feel sorry for me for having to deal with being treated badly, they looked at me like I was crazy, because I lived a make believe relationship on MySpace. Women whose husbands beat them, lie to them, or cheat on them, are out there painting their lives on Instagram & Facebook like "...and we lived happily ever after", whilst crying, acting out in real life, and complaining about their husband to anyone who will listen? Grow up. If times are tough, don't post your pretend happy life for one and all to see. You are asking to be ridiculed by others, once everything hits the fan. I feel lucky... I have a happy, easy marriage. I post about it once in a blue moon, online, whenever I step out of my shoes and realize how lucky I am to be living the life I am living, with the person I am with. But what is with the trend of the unhappy couples who do the overcompensating "I'M SO IN LOVE!" posts?? It's all of you guilty of this, that are the ones updating your statuses complaining that "Everyone needs to mind their own business! You don't know!" Ok. How about a post of a photo of your cat, instead?

Why is it that the only cartoons that can keep a toddlers attention for longer than ten seconds, happen to be the most irritatingly, annoying ones, ever!?
- When I am washing a plate in the sink and hear that B Dora say "Delicioso!" I want to break the dishes over my head.
- Calliou's bitching and moaning in his high pitched whiny tone "I don't know what to do with my book, Mommy?"
- SpongeBob is sent straight from the pits of hell. Such a little annoying a-hole.

Why do people drag their dogs around with them, just to leave them in their car?
I see big, big dogs all the time, just chillin in parking lots of grocery stores, Target, the mall, etc. The owners of them are the ones that people hate for dragging them out, and leaving them locked up in 100 degree weather. I'm sorry, but I am so confused as to why one would want to bring their 75 pound dog on errands, anyway? My dog never goes anywhere with me. Am I weird that I don't believe in torturing them, like that? Are these humans, just psychotic and don't want to be away from them? Is it because they don't want to crate them? Why do they think making them gasp for air in over 100 degree car temperatures is the way to go? Y'all need to be locked up in a car for hours on end, hell.

Why do people who treat people horribly and do awful things to others, always expect to be forgiven?
Sometimes your three (or more like 47) strikes are out & people don't want to give you anymore. That does not make the typical forgiver the bad guy, it makes them smart. Sometimes you need to lite a connection you have with someone who's horrible to you, on fire, and move on. Some people use smart words, to form smart paragraphs, for smart apologies, in hopes of blinding the victim, in to giving them another chance. They'll just do it again and again and again. "I'm sorry" doesn't mean anything to this type of person. They just learned from life that saying sorry means "you aren't mad at me anymore", and things can be happy again. Don't waste your time. Move on.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Recently a heterosexual married couple shared a video that went viral, about their six year old daughter, who they believe to be transgender. Of course this story was the hot topic for uber conservative people to share 9,000 times on Facebook & throw their self righteous "I'm right" opinions on.

I bit my tongue for as long as I could, whenever repetitive comments on this video would come up..."This child is confused" "These parents are horrible!" "Kids don't know who they are at 6 years old" "You aren't born gay or transgender, it's a choice."

It's always hard for me to take people who don't have a close insight in to a specific situation serious. Me, being who I am, I would never expect an African American, Muslim or even a transgender to take me serious if I ranted that "I know what is best, even though you're transgender and I am not, my opinion on who you are, and your life is right, and you're wrong." I'd expect them to tell me "You know nothing about what I know, what i feel and what I've been through."

The child in this video is 6, not 16. And at that age was saying "I'm not a girl." "I can't wait til everyone dies, so that i can be a boy." These are not things every little kids says. There IS such thing as being transgender. This is not something that they are stealing from watching Sponge Bob. This is their real thought, and the parents could clearly tell that their child was miserable. If you search transgender public figures, you can find their stories and learn what they themselves thought and felt as young children, and see that it is identical to this story. Growing up I only had girl friends, and wanted to play with Barbies, but I never wanted to be a girl, or harm myself because I hated being a boy. A lot of lesbian friends I know were tomboys and only hung out with guys, but I've never heard them say they wanted to be men. Being transgender is very different than being gay.

Growing up Mormon I had people bash the church to me all the time, and tell me what they thought they knew, and my response was always "Are you freaking kidding me!?" Everything they said was false, and just made up trash. They did not know what they were talking about. They just came along with their ignorant opinions on something they knew NOTHING about and teased me for it, and gave me a look like I was crazy, what i believed in was crazy, that my church was crazy, that the things I was being taught at church as a child were bad for me. And they were so wrong. So wrong. It would make my blood boil. I spent years and years learning the teachings of my church and for some kid to just spew the same Anti-Mormon nonsense that people have been repeatedly saying for years, made me so livid.

To me, this is the same type of situation. People who know nothing about what these parents know and feel, who know nothing about being transgender, just sharing the story and adding in their negative two cents on the matter. To me, those people are the same kind of assholes that tormented me for being Mormon. Uninformed and ignorant. Yes, this story made BIG waves because it's not every day that you hear of a man and his wife being okay with letting their daughter transform in to a boy. But my hats off to them, if I could tell that Kenzie hated being who she was, who she thought she HAD to be so that her parents would love her, I'd feel horrible. If I could tell she would rather not live, cause she hated who she was, I would do ANYTHING to make her happy and support anything that would bring her that happiness. If she felt she was really Kermit the Frog trapped inside a girls body, I would paint her green every single day, if it meant she was happy and alive. It's a tough world, and the words of you judgmental idiots tearing people down for being different can do a massive amount of harm. Apparently you and all the people you love are perfect, right? Go focus on them. Go enjoy that.

Let people raise their children, whom they know fully, however they want to. Stop throwing in "I don't agree, this is wrong." Someone out their thinks that the things you believe in, and the way you live your life is wrong. That's fine for them to think that, but we don't need them to post their negative belief about your life on social media. The parents of this child made their story public to help others, not to harm others. This video is not going to be looked at as a new trend.

Posting opinions that aren't uplifting on something you know nothing about are so silly. No negative opinion from a stranger could change the way these parents raise their child. I can't understand what it's like to be in the shoes of certain people, but I wouldn't go out of my way to say "This isn't right. They are living so wrong." If Kenzie told me she wanted to be a boy, I'd be heartbroken, because I know in my mind that it would be torture for her and people would judge her, and post mean comments about her. I'd lose sleep over the mean people weighing in with their negative opinions of a sweet innocent child. I'm gay, and I wouldn't want my child to be gay. Knowing all the things I went through, the thought of them being tortured by other kids on the playground or bus, shoved by bullies, or being called a fag over and over and over would make me go insane with rage. It's sad that people who post these mean opinions don't realize that they are being just as bad at the 10 year olds bullying kids at school. Words hurt. Every single person has been hurt by the words of others.

At the end of the day I say turn your cheek if you don't agree with someones life. Go focus on yours.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Non Traditional Families

Growing up and to this day I've had to endure hearing people say this classic phrase....

"A child needs to be raised by a man and a woman. A mother and a father."

And yes, a child needs a man and a woman to create it, it does not strictly need a man and a woman to be the ones to raise it. I've always wanted to ask that happily married straight person...."What will you do if your husband gets hit by a car and dies, and you end up single for ten years, because you couldn't find anyone who wanted to take on the role of Dad to your 5 children? Hmmm? Will your children be messed up forever because they were very young when the male role in their life disappeared? Will they suffer drastic consequences, make horrible choices and be lost for the rest of their lives, with absolutely NO hope at becoming good people, because they were raised by a widowed woman, without a man present?"


I wish those who believed in this thoroughly thought out what it is that they are saying. Its so judgmental and there are soo many ways to pick this apart. I'd rather people be straight up and say, "I don't think gays should be able to raise children, because I think it's wrong." Don't sugar coat with "A child needs a traditional environment." Or throw some bible verse down to make you feel like you are just following what God wants. More straight people raise children in non traditional environments in America, than anyone.

Bryan and I are raising Kenzie the same way we were raised.. With love, support, compassion, discipline and rules. We don't make out in front of her, we don't use swear words in front of her, we don't watch gay television shows or movies, or say "Gurrrrrrl let's go to Neiman Marcus", we don't walk around in our underwear, we don't go to gay places or have any gay friends in Texas, we don't party, or play inappropriate music around her. We are raising her like any other parents who love their child would. We focus on her. We put her happiness and well being in front of everything else. It's a massive amount of work, dedication and selflessness. So when Judgmental Judy, who's married to a man, with 4 kids, renowned advocate of her church, who has it easier than most and isn't a topic for the entire world to spit their opinion about her situation, and vote on her rights to marry or take care of a child she loves, comes along and says "Um....yeah, children should be raised by a man and a woman." It kinda makes me feel bad that she doesn't really understand what a child needs.

Kenzie has 3 parents. Kenzie's being raised by 3 people who love her. It's not a traditional situation. But she is loved, cared for, taught, and supported as much as any 2 year old should.

I know a lot of people. I know of many who did drugs, committed crimes, stole, got DUI's, cheated, had repetitive abortions, etc.....and they were all raised in a "traditional home" with a Mother and a Father, which just goes to show you that what gender your parents are does not determine who you are going to be as a person. Having a man and a woman raise you does not guarantee you the best of the best upbringing. (Have you seen Teen Mom?) Two men, two women, a man and a woman, a woman by herself or a man by himself can raise a child. The outcome of a human being is not determined by what gender and specific amount of that gender is raising it. You don't raise your child because you are a man or a woman. You LOVE, guide, protect, teach, and care for them no matter what.

I mean...Uncle Jesse, Joey & Danny did just fine with DJ, Stephanie & Michelle. Am i right?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

But I'm Not Supposed To Be Single!

The most annoying kind of friend is the one that almost all of us have....the one that can't be single.

Boyfriend breaks up with them.
They cry to you for two weeks.
They instagram, facebook & tweet how strong they are? How they can "make it thru this hard time"??
All the while leaving all their friends on their social media sites thinking "What the hell is this girl talking about?"
But when they are with you they aren't "strong" and they don't "got this"
They then go out and think every boy they meet is "Like, SO amazing!"
They then put out or over text said boy.
Boy ignores them.
They complain and rant on to you..."Why isn't he texting me back?" "Do you think he likes me?"
"Did I do something wrong?" "This is so my luck"
Then they cry again to you because nothing is working out for them in the love department.

And what do we need to say when this happens....


I am so sick of friends like this. If you want to be THAT type of friend, be that THAT type of friend to a friend of yours in a RELATIONSHIP. I can't fathom why people like this choose to go to their single friends, (single friends who have been single for years) and expect us to throw them a pity party because they haven't had a boy to cuddle & go to the movies with for TWO WEEKS!? Two. Weeks. We have been eating peanut butter out of the jar, while watching Real Housewives, ALONE for the past two years. Why is it SOOOOO imperative that YOU need to be in a relationship all the time? But not everyone else? You crazy, that's why.


When you are acting like this, say your relationship history out loud to yourself and if it goes something like this...

"Um, 2003-2006 I dated _____, 2007-2009 I date________, 2010-2013 I dated ______."


You deserve to be single. No boy is ever going to stay with you. Being dependant upon a relationship is what's leading you to having so many failed relationships.

The best quote to finish this up is one I heard from a friend last week...

"If you can't be completely happy single, you'll never be completely happy in a relationship."

Good luck, y'all

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You can't be skinny.

I've blogged this over and over, but feel the need to say it again: To the people who post things/pictures about skinny girls and say "This is not 'sexy', Marilyn Monroe wasn't bone thin and she was beautiful." Or say things like "Curves are sexy, people...not bones." Guess what?...


What is the deal with people wanting to do away with tiny framed girls? How does it make sense that EVERYONE is supposed to look the same-slash-have curves? Some girls are naturally thin, NATURALLY.THIN. Some girls work out, some WANT to be skinny & some don't want to look like Kim Kardashian.

Tell me why it's always a "CURVEY" person arguing this issue? You don't see bone thin girls trying to prove why it's okay to be skinny. But heavier girls feel the need to let you know (repeatedly) that it's ok, cause "Kim & Khloe, Marilyn (blah blah blah) are super curvey, and they're sexy!") It's just as annoying as it would be to see a girl putting a picture of Hilary Duff (circa 2007), up and saying "This is how a woman should look."

Some people try and gain weight, and can't. Just as some try and LOSE weight, and can't. I know that Kim Kardashian is the poster girl for curves & cheese, and that's great, but why does it matter what you prefer you're body to look like? The skinny girls are never agruing that skinny is the way to go. It's always the heavier ones who feel they need to prove a point that it's okay to be the weight they are.

Telling a girl "You're too skinny" is the EXACT same thing as telling a girl "You're too fat", I'm sorry, but it is. You don't know what each individual person's body issues are. You can't assume, "Oh, she must be happy with her body, she's a size 2, she doesn't have a gut, or back fat. I should tell her she's too thin." I don't understand why fat people get a pass with this? I have many, MANY friends who hate that they don't have curves, hate that they are flat chested, hate that they have no ass, and HATE when people tell them "Honey, you're too skinny." But it's okay to tell someone they are too thin, why? Because being thin is more socially acceptable? conclusion my loud mouth, protesting, curvey girls, if you have to keep putting down the Calista Flockhart community, in order to prove that it's ok to have extra padding, I wish you no luck in beating your In-N-Out for breakfast habit.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Just sayin..

If you're going to bite off more than you can CHEW, at least keep your mouth shut.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to ignore everyone for a whole week.

He who complains the most about wanting to be in a relationship, is dating 20 people.

Remember, only children can get away with making empty threats. #IMRUNNINGAWAYMOMMY

Don't make decisions when you're mad.

Never trust someone who always has a new best friend/new group of friends.

Learn from your mistakes. Don't repeat them and expect people to feel sorry for you.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could click "HIDE this person" (in real life) like you can on Facebook.

To those wanting to follow in Peter Pan's footsteps: Weho isn't Neverland.

Repeating something that YOU think is funny, over and over and over and over, isn't funny to anyone else.

Fake people always complain about how "fake" everyone is.

Don't put the rope around your neck and ask everyone else "Wait, what's going on!?"

I've said it before, I'll say it again: AMAZEBALLS is the stupidest, most unfunny, makes no sense word I have ever heard.

Gays aren't known for being in relationships. Lesbians are.

Interested in a boy your friend has dated? You a hoe.

Life is too short to settle.
Never let a boy break up with you. YOU break up with him.

Maintaining several life long friendships speaks volumes about the person you are.

You're not better than someone because you tell yourself that you are.

Lauren Conrad can do anything.

Is it just me or is it always the same people who say "New exciting things coming up!" Year after year after year? WHERE ARE THESE "EXCITING" NEW THINGS, people!? How bout you don't say it til the week of, k?

No one who is actually famous, refers to themself as famous.

If you have to act like you're SUPER happy online, you're usually not.

Why is it always the super judgemental people who's world always falls apart?

I'm voting for Mitt Romney.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm just sayin..

If you have something negtive to say about someone, you don't HAVE to say it to their "face", unless you actually care about them.

I've probably said this before, but... liking music from the 60's and having a very loud opinion about art and the world, DOESN'T make you "SOO unique" and an
"individual", any more than liking Britney Spears and LIVING for 'The Bachelor' does.

You can make yourself believe anything you want to. Have you ever heard of Brandon Hilton? No? You haven't? Well...He's "beautiful", "successfull", and "wildly popular."

Not everyone wants to pay attention to the problems in this world...and that's okay.

EVERYONE has said a racist'ish thing before. Don't deny this.

Don't be upset when people talk bad about you, if you talk bad about people. End of story.

If life is better to you when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to make some REAL friends.

You CAN be religious when you're gay. You can also be a Republican.

Don't document yourself being concieted. You'll look back after some time and realize how embarrassing and full of crap you were.

If you have just gotten out of a bad break up....DELETE DELETE DELETE. Delete from your phone. Delete from your Facebook. Delete from your life. You'll never get over it if you do not begin with that.

After 2009 Only fat people are allowed to do kissy face photos and get away with it. cute.

Don't share secrets with people who don't share secrets with you.

Sometimes the people you like the least, are the ones you get along with the best.

Don't act as though your education makes you better than someone, unless you are actually using it. "Hi, may I start you a dressing room With my hundred thousand dollar degree?"

Sometimes it's best to stick to your 'goodbye's'.

Don't give people attention unless they give it back.

Tell it like it is, but with a cherry on top.

Look 21. Act 25.

Thank you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts, Opinions, Advice.

I've never understood the girls who hate on blonde, skinny, tan girls. You claim they're such bitches, talk so much shit and are so fake, but how is that proving you're not, when you are doing exactly what you think they are doing to you? You're the same. Only pale with dark hair.

It's so awkward seeing people start to crush on someone you know will never be interested in them.

If someone only talks to you when they're drunk, they DON'T like you.

Quote someone when you steal a unique quote, that only THEY said. Espesh if they follow you on Twitter, and can see you trying to jock it as your own. #ComeOnNowBooBoo

Running away from your current life, doesn't guarentee you an AWESOME new one. You can tackle a problem or situation without having to hop on a plane.

As childish as it sounds, sometimes just deleting certain peoples numbers out of your phone can make you feel so great.

Talking about how you want, or are getting plastic surgery is officially played. Wanna be pretty? Do what you need to do.

Being 21 when you're in your 30's is embarrassing, no matter how you spin it.

Be careful not to announce in writing on the internet, that you are "doing something", and then NOT. #ipittyWOO

If you can't be single for at least 6 months, after a break up, I fear for your late 20's. #whydoYOUneedTHEtitle? #CantYouJustDate?

STOP tweeting vague, attention seeking, desperate things. SPIT it out, or don't do it at all. OR at least have it make sense. No "dot dot dot"

I love your hair, but I thought I put that style in the trash, not the recycling.

Age doesn't determine where you should be, or what you should be doing.

EVERYONE is annoying to someone. When people constantly complain about how annoying "everyone" is, they need to stop, look in the mirror and say.. "I'm annoying, too."

A person isn't "better" than you, because they took the easy way out.

Campaigning for girls to be thick is just as annoying as campaigning for girls to be thin. BE. Whatever. YOU. Are.

It's funny how when you unfollow someone on Twitter, who constantly tries to convince you they are "famous", you never hear of them again. While you follow them, all you read is "Signing contracts!" "Headed to a signing" "Meeting with big network". Then you unfollow them, 6 months goes by and you never hear or see their name anywhere. Yeah... KQ...I'm talkin bout you, BooBoo.

Dont fight racism with racism.

Don't let people who are against gay marriage frustrate you. All gays shouldn't get so upset. Think about it.... in 2000 61.4% of California voted against it, while 38% were for it. In 2008 52.47% were against it, while 47.53% were for it. Think about where it will be in 2016? Let people continue to try and prevent the inevitable. Eventually there will be nothing they can do.

Don't let someone who doesn't exist in your life, affect you.

Don't tell your friends you can't do something, because you are broke. Then Tweet/Facebook "Check out my new shoes!" 2 days later. Thas why you broke.

If you're going to be 2 faced: PULL IT OFF. Getting caught makes both your faces UGLY.

Sometimes the "REAL" you, is not what people want to get to know.

Don't ask me if this song is about you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Relationship & Dating DON'Ts

Don't ever let a boy make you get to the point where you deprive yourself of what matters most in life: Food.

Don't be afraid to let someone go, who wants to let you go.

Don't be afraid to be alone. Embrace it. Amazing things happen when you do what's best for you.

Don't tell your closest friends "We're doing really good." When you're miserable.

Don't drink your way thru a break up. Face it. Tackle it. Light it on fire.

If you break up and get back together immediately and just put a band aid on your relationship and act as though everything is A-ok, you're doomed. Band-aids fall off.

Don't focus so much of your time on trying to find a relationship. You don't need one to survive.

Don't stress over every date you go on with someone and wonder if it's going to lead to more.

If someone breaks up with you and then wants you back when you start to move on... keep movin.

Don't feel you should be with someone just because you are a certain age.

Don't be afraid of waiting for Mr/Mrs Right. They exist.

Don't use someone because you can't be your own person.

Don't think you're life is over if your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you (especially if you live with them or have been together years) It's excruciatingly painful, and so hard, and sometimes takes months to move past. But you will get over it. Being in that position before taught me so much, and I learned many things from it, and am SO thankful for that relationship and situation.

Don't forget you can TTYN a boy without giving an explanation.

Don't forget...most of these are repeated twice. Just kinda reworded.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

I quit The View

Does anyone else besides me ever notice the racism (Yes, I said it..RACISM) that spews from Whoopi Goldberg & Sherri Shepherd's mouths on The View? For SOOO long I have ignored it, but I'm done with that show. For months I have heard them say things like "You don't mess with a strong black woman" or "He doesn't understand that she is a confident black woman." What does "BLACK" have to do with it? There are confident, strong women in EVERY race! Regardless of the reputation each race has, throwing your skin color around sounds ignorant. If Barbara Walters said "That woman is a strong independant white woman" Whoopi and Sherri's heads would pop off! Why is it okay for them to constantly say things like "Black this" or "black that"? No one should be speaking that way about any race.

The thing that did it for me was this past Friday's episode, when they were recapping the Royal Wedding and Sherri Shepherd says...."We were like "Where are the black people?" It's like "Where's Waldo?" We found em, they had one little black child in the choir, but where's the black people at this wedding? (video pops on showing where several black people are sitting.) Oh there they are, they're all segregated, but they're in the front. So we have our Rosa Parks moment, I don't know why they put all the black people over here, but they're in the front of the wedding. I ain't complainin, cause they in the front."

Who goes to a wedding or event looking for a specific race? That's the most racist thing I've ever heard. I've never walked in somewhere and made sure that there are white people there, let alone that they have the best seat? Um...?

If it had been a white person complaining about this for 3 minutes, it would have been complained about EVERYWHERE. I do not understand why people like Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg get away with this? No race has anything to prove anymore. This is 2011. The President of the United States is black, for goodness sakes. Most people have moved on, and chosen not to see skin color. I understand that some still have issues, but clearly the ratio is in favor of the fact that we are all equal.

SHERRI: You would NOT be okay with people asking you "Where are the white people at?" at your wedding, or saying "I'm just glad the white people are sitting in the front." Grow up. You sound racist, any which way you spin it. You shouldn't be thinking that way. No one should.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Advice: Part 4

Never admit that you're good looking.

Always pick a side when 2 of your friends are fighting, but repeat out loud to the one whos side you didn't take, "I'm not taking anyones side."

If you are so skinny, that it looks like your skin is sucking your bones, dont Twit pic or Facebook shirtless photos. Michael Jackson passed away, ain't nobody wanna see that.

Don't make your boyfriend your entire life and then be surprised when he dumps you and your friends want nothing to do with you.

Don't make your sexual orientation your whole life.

Facebook is not MySpace. No more dressing up, taking 50 pictures of yourself twice a week, and then uploading them.

Purposely ignoring someone in hopes that they think you are really busy and popular, makes you a loser. A big one.

If you're a club promoter and you send people invites to your event every week, and they never come, STOP sending them invites. Goodness. I'm NOT coming to the Tranny Show every Tuesday. "I work." - Vicki Gunvalson

Don't assume everyone eats sushi.

YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOUR NOH8 PHOTO. I'm sorry, but those photos make human beings look like dead Egyptians. I have one. I support gay marriage and blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I wish my eyes were that blue, my skin was that freckleless, and my arms were that muscular, but they're not.

Don't complain that you can't meet a decent guy to date, whilst you are screwing anyone willing. You can't meet a decent person, if you AREN'T a decent person. THINK.

Don't listen to celebrities who tell you "You're dreams will come true! Never give up on your dreams." They say that because THEIR dreams came true. Thousands of peoples dream is to be like Lady Gaga, do we have room for 5,000 people like her? No. Live your life as though all your dreams are going to come true, but be smart, realistic and persistent. Dreams change.

If you get offended once a day, seek a therapist.

Don't rush down the altar with just anyone, because you're approaching 30. You'll end up alone and wishing you'd have waited for the right person.

Don't feel bad when straight people give you weird looks in public. Be happy that you make them feel scared and insecure. That's power.

Everyone is a hypocrite. Even me.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not when you first meet someone. Show your true colors. Save some time.

Don't expect people to feel bad for you when you have to suffer that consequences of your choices.

If you find Oprah really, really's ok.
God, she's so annoying.

It's okay if no one "gets" you, as long as you do.

It's only okay to still say "I was born this way.", if you are being sarcastic.

Don't judge a person by the way they look, judge them based on who they follow on Twitter. I'm can tell if someone is a slut, in the closet, a cheater, etc. Following Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and Tony Parker, means something.

Gays don't go to hell, they go to Tiger Heat.

Thank you.