Sunday, November 23, 2014

Walt Disney World & Disney Magic Cruise Vacation

Bryan, Kenzie & I just got back from the most amazing Disney vacation I have ever been on! We got to spend 2 days at Walt Disney World & 7 nights on a Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Disney Magic Ship!
The cruise was definitely the best part of our vacation! We made so many amazing friends and Kenzie got sooo much sweet & special treatment from the crew and all the Disney characters! Whoever the person under the Mickey costume was, was just obsessed with Kenzie! Any time Mickey would be on his way to a meet and greet or to a specific area of the ship, if he saw Kenzie he would go out of his way to stop and give her a big hug! When we went to a character dance party in the lobby, Mickey came up grabbed Kenzie's hand and dance only with HER! It was honestly AMAZING! Here all these tons of other kids are trying to get Mickey's attention and he just wouldn't budge! He did not let go of Kenzie's hand for 10 minutes straight. We celebrated Kenzie's birthday on the ship, but never told any of the characters that we were celebrating, yet somehow that same Mickey knew and signed her Disney autograph book "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENZIE! LOVE MICKEY MOUSE!" Peter Pan, Cinderella, etc all memorized her name and whenever we would see them they would always shout "HI KENZIE!" After meeting the most adorable Cinderella I have ever seen, I was walking through the lobby alone and a girl came up to me and asked for our room number, the next day we were surprised with an invitation on our door to a private meet and greet with all the characters! It was by far the best thing about our trip! Over 20 different characters all loving up on Kenzie at the same time, putting her in their lap, talking to her and taking pictures with her. This group of kids who played the characters were seriously such angels. When I got home from the cruise, the girl who played Cinderella found me on Instagram, added me and left me a comment saying "Thanks for making that cruise so special. Give that little girl a big hug from all of us." Melted my heart. Kenzie won over so many hearts on that trip! On our last day I went to pick up our photo disc from the cruise photographers, and the women working there said "We love Kenzie so much! Would you be willing to sign a release form so that we could use her pictures in our store?"

Kenzie's cruise fans got so creative & hilarious with the compliments that they would give to Bryan & I, that I had to start writing them down in my phone.

"Every time I see her, I always say 'Here comes my favorite kid!!'"
"I hope it's okay that I took a picture of her earlier, I needed one because I know she is going to be famous some day."
"Even my daughter who hates kids is obsessed with her. We both said last night that we can't wait to see what she is wearing the next day."
"We are going to miss her outfits."
"She is just as cute as a button! And i do not say that to everyone. I find myself constantly looking for her."
(We overhear two teen girls a few feet away from us) "That's the little girl! That's the one!"
"Well, well, well...what are we wearing today? I just love looking at you!"
"We love your little girl so much! We have been following her outfits every day! The straw hat today, was amazing!"
"I've actually heard about you guys from several people on the ship, everyone has said 'Oh my gosh! You have got to see this little girl.'"
"She is just the cutest little girl, ever. I just can't wait to see what she's wearing every day."
"I just have to say...when I first saw her, I was so hoping that she would dress up as Tinkerbell, i told my husband she would just make the cutest Tinkerbell."

Kenzie Fashion

Special Character Experiences

We got to participate in so many fun activities, Bryan competed in "Who Wants To Be A Mouseketeer" and won a trophy!

I was forced to learn a dance routine and dance with several others to a Jackson 5 song

Kenzie sang at Karaoke 4 Nights in a row! SO amazing & hilarious!! She sang 4 times solo, and twice with her cruise BFF Loucas.

BEST VACATION EVER! If you haven't been on a Disney Cruise, i highly recommend it! We are already planning our next!

Friday, September 19, 2014

All About Kenzie - August 2014

Kenzie - August 2014
Kenzie Quotes

Playing with her Princess Tea Set in the bathtub,I put a blue tea cup on a yellow tea plate, to which I'm then told.. "No! That doesn't match!"

Whenever Kenzie wakes up from her nap, her hair is always sweaty, and I've told her on days "You're so sweaty!" She pretended to put me down for a nap, and ran her fingers through my hair and said "Aw, you're so sweaty."

Watching the Let It Go music videos in all the different languages, after Demi Lovato ended, the Spanish version comes on..
Kenzie: Huh? What's this?
(But then she continues to try to sing along with her anyway LOL)

The first time she went to her Princess Potty without us asking her to, she sat down and said " it comes!"

I heard her wake up from her nap, walked in the room, she sits up and says to me so enthusiastically... "Ohhh I LOVE that shirt!"

When we first started potting training her, we would give her a mini cookie every time she went. One day she told me she had to go to the bathroom, so we walked to her potty, she sat down......a minute passed, she farted twice, looked up at me and said.. " cookie huh?"

(Kenzie threw a massive tantrum and Bryan had to put her in a long time out)
Bryan: Kenzie, I'm sorry that I had to put you in time out.
Kenzie: (so calm & sweet) That's too bad Daddy.

(Had a little picnic by the lake in front of our place)
Kenzie: Oh my gosh! I love this picnic!!

(Watching TV on the couch)
Kenzie: Daddy, please rub my feet.

Kenzie Fashion

Random Things
Most overused sayings "Wait sor me!!" (Wait for me), "No, that's not yours!" &
Obsessed with Magiclip dolls. Spends hours every day playing with them and talking in different voices for them.
Whenever we repeat something the way she says it, she corrects us.
For nap time, she chooses 2 of her Disney plush dolls to bring with her, and whoever she chooses I have to tell her a story about them.
Used her Princess Potty for the first time on August 6th.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Disney Vacation 2014 Take 2

Living in California my whole life, I was able to get my Disney fix by going to Disneyland once or twice a week for years! Living in Texas.......we, the Disney Store? Which obviously just does not cut it for someone as Disney Obsessed as I am. This past May, Bryan & I took the most amazing 9 day Disney Vacation to Walt Disney World, we visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, and then finished it off by heading down to Port Canaveral in Florida and going on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, on the Disney Dream Ship.
Once home from that trip, we got straight to planning the next Disney trip! I of course joked.. "How about in 6 months?" Obviously neither of us actually thought that would happen. did! And what's going to make this trip 1000x better is that this time Kenzie is coming with us! On our last trip, any time we would pass a Princess, or walk by the castle, we'd both feel so sad that Kenzie wasn't there experiencing everything with us. We are so stoked to be able to take her to Disney World, and then on a week long Disney Cruise on the Disney Magic, going to The Western Caribbean & Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay.

Kenzie has been walking around every day talking about going to Disney World, and going on "Mickey's Boat!" We can't wait for her to experience all the magical memories that happen at Disney! The minute Kenzie was added to the trip, Bryan & I both got way more excited! Disney World & Disney Cruises are no doubt AMAZING for adults, (i never want to leave) but from each time I've been at Disneyland with Kenzie, I've learned that enjoying it through the eyes of a child is waaaay better! Princess gatherings, Minnie Ears, character breakfasts, wearing her Princess Dresses each day, I mean....can you tell she's ready?